Powerful, Strong Love Spells for Getting Your Ex Back

Today, we’ll be talking about a very interesting theme – getting your ex back. Though it may seem impossible, it isn’t. In fact, there are a lot of strong love spells that you can use to help you out.

Remember that these can all be done at home, and are very easy to do. This one can be done at any time of day, or at night. It’s a very strong one that you can use to get someone to come back to your life if they have gone – even ”for good”.

You will need a candle, a red apple, a yellow string or rope, holy water and a little bit of honey. As you can see, all of these elements are everyday things that you can easily get ahold of.

First, tie the yellow string around the apple. Then, light the candle. Leave the apple in the candlelight until the candle goes out on its own. Then, wash the apple with holy water, and cut into four parts. Drizzle some honey on each piece, and then let it sit until the next day. This spell will help to sweeten the heart of your ex.

Here’s another one you can try. Find a red candle. It must be new. Then, with something sharp, you should carve the name of your ex on it. It should be in large, clear letters that take up most of the candle. Then, we’ll bath the candle in sunflower or vegetable oil and we’ll put onto a plate or some other adequate support.

Next, take five or six petals from a red rose, and sprinkle them around the red candle. Visualize beautiful moments with him or her, happy places and events, and more than anything try and focus on their happy face. At the same time that you are thinking of them, light the candle. Wait a few seconds, and then say the following words:

”Dear eternal universe, bring (NAME OF YOUR EX) back to my side, returning to me the happiness and desire to live at their side, and let it be my willing choice.”

Let the candle burn out completely and then let 12 days go past. Repeat the process again if your ex hasn’t come back. Then, you can wait up to a month after that. Do NOT repeat the spell a third time, as it can turn on you.

If you would like to do another spell in combination with the second, you may. This one must be done on a night with the full moon out, around 10 at night. In this case, you will need white flowers (preferably roses), a couple of pink candles, a photograph of the person you want back, and another photo of yourself, as well as a small mirror.

Start my placing the photo in a visible and accessible place. Then, put a pink rose on one side, and on the other side you should place your photo and the other pink candle.

Light both candles, then stand in front of them, holding the mirror in a way that both photos are reflected in it, and repeat the following phrase:

”That on this night of the full moon, our hearts may again be one and we will return to be together forever.”

You can repeat this spell as many full moon nights as you would like.